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Eth[n]ic design products from India for social development

Kolours association aims at giving every person the chance to paint a kolorful future.

Kolours is a nonprofit social enterprise: it empowers disadvantaged women and children with disabilities in India by giving them the skills to produce, and the channels to sell their products.

When you buy Kolours et[h]nic products, you contribute to empower women with disabilities and very poor children in India: the revenues are entirely invested in the development of training centers which support disadvantaged or physically challenged children and women in learning a profession.

Kolours unique approach is based on a design focus: designer and artists contribute their skills for the development of unique products -such as handmade cards, embroidered cards and bags - which are  produced by girls with disabilities in our centres in India.

It's easy to make a positive impact: you can buy our unique and eth[n]ic products, sponsor a disabled or orphan child, or give a donation for the surgery of a disabled child/girl.

Kolours is a nonprofit organization based in Switzerland and Italy supporting disadvantaged people with the purpose to give them the opportunity to come out of poverty by learning a qualifying profession, working, and finally paint their own future in full Kolours!

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