Kanchana, Lakshmi, Ramadevi, Sumathi & team
designers and developers
All affected by physical disabilities, they develop most of Kolours handmade products with enormous patience and precision.
Kiran Barani
paper filigree products designer
At Kolours he designs and develops paper filigree cards, frames, earrings and necklaces.
Benedetta Salvi
embroidery patterns designer
She gained her degree and master in Art from the University of Verona. She designs embroidery patterns for Kolours artisans.
Donatella Lusenti
embroidery patterns designer

Teacher and instructor, a wonderful cook, she run her own restaurant, is a talented painter specializing in icons, and is always ready to help others.

Mrs. Sheela and the tailoring units of Premjyoti
tailoring supervisor

In addition to managing Premjyoti school, she organizes tailoring courses and workshops for poor girls and disadvantaged women.

Elena Barichella
She earned her degree and master at the design school of the Politecnico di Milano, and is now a digital designer. At Kolours she designs embroidery patterns for bags, designs products and gadgets, and contributed to the development of the logo
Cristian Ordanini
Cristian is an artist and for Kolours he donated his beautiful paintings for fundraisings. His work can be found at his website.
Special thanks to Terry Ordanini for the designs and training in tailoring.


Kolours aims at giving every person the chance to paint the future.It empowers poor people by giving them the skills to produce, and the channels to sell their products.When you buy Kolours products, you contribute to empower poor and disabled people: the revenues are entirely invested in the development of training centers which support the poorest in learning a profession and creating their businesses. Disadvantaged people, disabled and widows have the opportunity to come out of poverty and social emergination by learning a qualifying profession, working, and finally be the architects of their own lives.