Kolours Laboratory

The center hosts girls with disabilities, providing them a safe place to live. The girls have the chance to enhance their skills in tailoring, embroidery, card creation and jewellery making.

Through Kolours, they can sell their products in Europe and earn a living. Kolours invests in the center by sponsoring vocational training courses, material and machines. European and Indian styles are recreated in a unique fusion style which you can experience through our handmade embroidered cards and scarves.  

The center is located in Andhra Pradesh, India.


Lingamma Society

The charity coordinates Kolours activities of supporting and sponsoring poor and disabled children, and of organizing surgeries for disabled children and girls.

The association is based in Telangana, India.

Some of the children sponsored by Kolours supporters.

Premjyoti Society

It is a counselling, rehabilitation, vocational centre and an Integrated School for disabled and normal children. The center is based in Chiraigaon, near the holy city of Varanasi, in northern India.

This intergrated school is run by Sheela (Principal) and Pawan Kumar with much love and expertise. They both have specific training and experience in special education (from Delhi). Sheela worked for five years with Mother Teresa in Kolkata and other parts of India, before starting Premjyoti Society. Now the school hosts 75  children with metal or physical disabilities, together with few hundreds able children, from kindergarten to 8th grade.

Kolours supports children with disabilities by finding sponsors to support their education and mobility equipment (such as special bicycles to be used with arms for children affected by Polio). Kolours has also sponsored tailoring and embroidery courses in rural villages for poor women, and the purchase of sewing machines.

The handicrafts created during and after the tailoring courses are sold through Kolours and the revenues are entirely devolved to Premjyoti Society.


 The location of our projects and partners:


Kolours aims at giving every person the chance to paint the future.It empowers poor people by giving them the skills to produce, and the channels to sell their products.When you buy Kolours products, you contribute to empower poor and disabled people: the revenues are entirely invested in the development of training centers which support the poorest in learning a profession and creating their businesses. Disadvantaged people, disabled and widows have the opportunity to come out of poverty and social emergination by learning a qualifying profession, working, and finally be the architects of their own lives.