Kolours aims at supporting disadvantaged people - such as women with disabilities, orphan children and children in extreme poverty in India. We connect artists and designers with laboratories and workshops for disadvantaged people.
In our parteners' laboratories in India, girls in extreme poverty or with physical disabilities can attend vocational training courses and work safely. The items produced in our partner laboratories in India are sold through Kolours website and events. When you buy Kolours products, you contribute to support our activities.
1. Laboratory and hostel for girls with disabilities
The Subhodayam Home for the physically challenged hosts disabled girls and women. Here they can find a safe place to live, with a suitable infrastructucture for physically challenged persons. During the day, the girls attend training courses or work to create the wonderful handmade embroidered Kolours products.
2. Sponsoring of disabled or orphan children
Disabled children are often abadoned or negled if their family is very poor because they have bad karma and are a big cost for the family members. Even if they like to go to school, they are often not able to walk the necessary distance to reach the school. By sponsoring a child with disability you give him or her the possibility to attend school. If you like, you can provide your child with mobility equipment (such as a tricycle) that his or her parents cannot afford.
At Premjyoti Integrated School, physically and mentally challenged children are attened with great care by specialized teachers.

Orphan children and children with parents in critical health conditions often work already at the age of 6 if nobody can afford to take care of them. By sponsoring a child in extreme poverty, you give him or her the chance to go to school and have enough food to eat daily.

2. Surgeries and mobility equipment for children with disabilities

This is the foot of Harsha, a baby boy of 18th moths born with club foot: he had surgery at the government hospital of Tirupati but the doctors made a wrong operation!
Kolours took care of him and sponsored another surgery in a private hospital (Uday clinic): now Harsha foot is corrected and he can walk!

This is Kamlesh: he has been affected by Polio as a child, and he could not walk. He has 3 brothers and sisters and his parents had no money to afford a surgery. Through Kolours sponsorship he had surgery and can now walk with the help of callipers. The sponsor also provided him a this special tricycle with which he can easily reach the school and the market.

4. Tailoring and embroidery courses for rural women in deep poverty
Girls and women in extreme povery cannot afford to study, and cannot travel to a nearby village or city to attend a courses, because the enviroment is too dangerous: they risk to be harrassed, robbed or raped. The solution is to offer vocational courses, such as tailoring and embroidery, in their own remote villages. Through our partner society Premjyoti, Kolours helps delivering tailoring course in remote villages of Uttar Pradesh.

5. Graphic design and computer science courses (this project is finished)

Boys and girls who live in extreme poverty and cannot afford to study can attend computer literacy and computer graphic courses. By learning a profession, they can then find a qualified job and break the cycle of poverty of thier families.



Kolours aims at giving every person the chance to paint the future.It empowers poor people by giving them the skills to produce, and the channels to sell their products.When you buy Kolours products, you contribute to empower poor and disabled people: the revenues are entirely invested in the development of training centers which support the poorest in learning a profession and creating their businesses. Disadvantaged people, disabled and widows have the opportunity to come out of poverty and social emergination by learning a qualifying profession, working, and finally be the architects of their own lives.